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cd replication

CD Services

  • Replication
  • 7-10 working day turn around
  • Local pickup in the Los Angeles area or shipping worldwide
  • On disc high resolution offset and silkscreen printing
  • Disc packaging
  • CD Text
  • Enhanced CD authoring

  • What is replication?

    Replication is a manufacturing process. CDs are produced in 2 steps:
    Step one is mastering. A glass master is created from a digital file. The glass master is used to create a metal stamper, which contains the digital information.
    Step two is the injection molding of the discs from the metal stamper. Molten plastic is injected into the target mold containing the stamper. Seconds later a clear disc containing the digital information is ejected. The clear disc then has a reflective and a lacquer layer applied.

    CD Text

    CD-Text is an extension of the Red Book Compact Disc specifications standard for audio CDs. It allows for storage of additional information (e.g. album name, song name, and artist) on a standards-compliant audio CD. We can add this infomation to your CD for a small fee, or you can deliver a master with the text already attached. More info

    What is a CD?

    Compact disc (CD)  have a diameter of 120 millimetres (4.7 in) and can hold up to about 80 minutes of uncompressed audio or 700 MB (megabytes) of data. Mini-CDs have various diameters ranging from 60 to 80 mm (2.4 to 3.1 in); they are sometimes used for CD singles, storing up to 24 minutes of audio.The format was originally developed to store and play back sound recordings only CD-DA (Red Book), but was later adapted for storage of data CD-ROM (Yellow Book). Several other formats were further derived from these, including write-once audio and data storage CD-R used for duplication, rewritable media CD-RW not recommended for duplication.
    CD-ROM XA is an extension of the Yellow Book standard for CD-ROMs that combines compressed audio, video and computer data, allowing all to be accessed simultaneously. It was intended as a bridge between CD-ROM and CD-i (Green Book). ”XA" stands for eXtended Architecture and include Enhanced Music CDs (Blue Book or CD+), Video Compact Disc VCD, Super Video Compact Disc SVCD (White Book), Photo CD, Picture CD, CD-i, and CD+G ( audio + Graphics) used for Karaoke.

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