Imperial Media Services

Disc printing

Thermal Printing

We use thermal printers for duplication projects. Black thermal can be printing directly on silver or on a disc with a white flood. RGB color thermal is printed on a disc with a white flood in order to accomodate the full color ribbon transfer. Thermal transfer printing is a digital process where a ribbon is heated to adhere to the disc face.

Silkscreen Printing

We use this method for replication disc face printing. This method involves a thick layer of ink poured onto a stencil with the excess scraped off, forcing the remaining ink through the holes in the stencil to create the image on the surface of the disc. Thin lines or small details may disappear as a result of the ink application. Silkscreen printing is best for spot color printing with artwork consists of solid areas. Silkscreen printing is also preferred if logo colors need to be matched. The result is stunning, vibrant and consistent color throughout.

Offset Printing

We also use this method for replication disc face printing. The technique or process prints all 4 colors as miniature dots in precise closeness to each other. The size of each dot and its relation to the other dots is what provides the finished look of colors and tones. Offset printing is usually at 175-200 line per inch, this method works best on photographic images and full color art.

PMS (Pantone Colors)

The is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

Silver Knockout

This method is avaible for replicated discs, allowing the disc's silver part to shows through indicated portions the artwork on the disc. When the discs are printed we will then skip the normal white base and print the art directly on the silver disc. Take note that any CMYK printing on silver will have a slight metallic look.

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